For my Unit 3 show at Peckham road I would like to exhibit 3-5 large scale works, oil on canvas on stretcher bars. Each will be the same height (about 1.5 meters) with varying widths from 1-2 meters. I would like them to be shown side by side, about ½ meter apart. If there is a corner available, I would like the work to be on either side of a corner so that the viewer can stand facing one work with another to the side, in their peripheral vision. I have provided a mock up below using existing works that I have scaled up and cropped to indicate how the works I will show might look. There will be no video, audio or unconventional methods and no need for power supply. A space with even, flat lighting (lots of natural light ideally) and white flat walls would best compliment the work.

As these works are large they will require more than one person to move and hang. The health and safety concerns are with installing the work, which will require the installer to use a ladder and drill to install the screws that will hold the work. There low risk of minor injury if one of the paintings were to fall on a technician or if they were to fall from the ladder. There is an extremely low risk of a painting falling onto a viewer if they are not properly installed. 

For the research festival, I am interested in creating a catalogue of my paintings, containing research and information about each item depicted, as well as invented stories and memories to accompany them.